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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Steve Lamb wrote:

> On a single user machine or for when the person who is pretty much the
>de facto administrator and they know to just su root, run the command and get
>the hell out of dodge there is *NO* benefit of sudo.
1. Training oneself not to run things as root is one benefit of sudo, so
that you don't mess up when you go to another machine.

2. Not logging into X as root is another benefit. Running a single X
client/app as root is different than running all of X as root.

3. Logging, provided by sudo, is not merely for the sake of knowing who
did what; sometimes it's for who did what when, etc.

I'll grant that there may be considerably less reason to use sudo on a
single-user machine, but to claim that there is "*NO* benefit of sudo"
is simply incorrect.


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