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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Kent West wrote:
> 1. Training oneself not to run things as root is one benefit of sudo, so
> that you don't mess up when you go to another machine.

    One presumes when you go to another machine you won't have root.  Training
oneself to not run things as root is not a benefit of sudo, it is a benefit of
training one's self to not run things as root.  Oddly enough it was a practice
in place well before sudo existed.  However did they survive and train
themselves to do it?

> 2. Not logging into X as root is another benefit. Running a single X
> client/app as root is different than running all of X as root.

    Which does not require sudo.  rxvt, su...

> 3. Logging, provided by sudo, is not merely for the sake of knowing who
> did what; sometimes it's for who did what when, etc.

    Which was implicit in my statement that it provides logging; generally
timestamps are invovled.

> I'll grant that there may be considerably less reason to use sudo on a
> single-user machine, but to claim that there is "*NO* benefit of sudo"
> is simply incorrect.

    No, it is an opinion contrary to yours.  That alone doesn't make it
incorrect.  However given the above you've not provided compelling arguments
that sudo provides any benefit to a single user who is de facto admin of his
own personal box.  Good behaviors are good behaviors regardless of environment
and simply don't count.

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