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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Kent West wrote:
> I'd rather have a consistent habit across the machines.

    Key words, consistent habit.  The habit is the important part, not how it
is achieved.  I have the same habit with su.

> Which implies that you're firing up an xterm, "su"ing and doing your
> command, then exiting out of "su" after each command, never leaving a
> terminal window running as root most of the time.

    Ya got it!  Except that I don't exit after every command.  I exit after
every operation.  Far more convenient than having to sudo every command esp.
when doing work in protected directories.

> Granted. But the original claim which I dispute was not that "other
> methods provide similar benefit to sudo"; the claim was that "sudo
> provides no benefit on a single-user machine", with which I disagree.

    Fine for you to disagree.  Not that you have given any examples where it
helps in the claim which is that in a single-user machine it provides no
benefit.  Operative words, single-user machine.

> So, I'm confused. Are you saying that the logging capability of sudo
> provides a benefit on a single-user machine (my claim), or not (the
> original claim)?

    I pointed out that sudo provides logging.  You got into the semantics of
logging "Ah-HA, you said only who and what, but it also includes WHEN!"  My
original point regardless of which W word attached to it is that sudo provides
logging of whom did what.  In a single-user machine that is known.

    Let's see....  Only I have access to root.  It must've been...  Kernel
Kustard in /dev/audio with gcc that changed my apache.conf file!  Nope, sorry,
I know whom did it...  ME.  I know what I did.  I was there doing it!  I don't
need logging to tell me that!

> However, if one
> person, anywhere, finds sudo to be of benefit on a single-user machine,
> then the claim that there is "*NO* benefit of sudo" is simply incorrect.
> (I myself am such a person, so this is not just a hypothetical possibility.)

    Just becaonse one person finds benefit doesn't mean the benefit is real,
tangible and generally applicable.

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