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Re: Migrating from Windows to Debian - keeping email messages from Outlook Express

On Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 07:34:19PM +0200, Dom wrote:
> Thank you all for your help, I've found out even more than I needed.
> I can proudly say I won a several days battle between a man and the
> machine and I have a Sarge version of Debian Linux installed (with
> gdm).
> The biggest problem is that I'm a 'trial and error' method kind of man
> meaning I could have prepared myself for problems with nvidia module
> if I wanted to spend some time reading (boring...). Oh well...
Hi Dom,
there is a great too in debian for kernel modules like nvidia:
module-assistant. Install that. You should be able to find instructions
in the mailing list archives for using it for nvidia as well as other
helpfull pages. If you have any questions about this: ask.

'apt-get install module-assisant'
and of course read any documentation ;-)

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