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Re: Migrating from Windows to Debian - keeping email messages from Outlook Express

On Tuesday, 05.07.2005 at 10:42 -0400, Gregory Seidman wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 06:36:05AM -0400, Kevin Mark wrote:
> [...]
> } I have not used this but it does exist!
> } Cheers,
> } Kev
> } -------------------------------
> } Running: apt-cache show readpst
> } Package: readpst
> } Priority: optional
> } Section: utils
> } Installed-Size: 192
> } Maintainer: Joe Nahmias <jello@debian.org>
> } Architecture: i386
> } Source: libpst
> } Version: 0.5.1-1
> } Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-4)
> } Filename: pool/main/libp/libpst/readpst_0.5.1-1_i386.deb
> } Size: 55764
> } MD5sum: 37d2a85b5f88edf8dd6daf61a6fe2b94
> } Description: Converts Outlook PST files to mbox and others
> }  ReadPST is an application that can take a Microsoft Outlook PST
> }  (Personal Folders) file and convert it into mbox, kmail, its own
> }  recursive format, or separate each email into its own file.
> }  .
> }  It can currently handle emails, folders and most contacts.
> I have used this, and it works... imperfectly. The resulting mbox files
> required some manual cleanup. That said, it did a good enough job on the
> large (~200MB) PST file I had that it was many times easier than fighting
> with Outlook to get it to use IMAP (it was configured for "corporate use,"
> meaning Exchange-only). I then scripted mutt (no easy task) to convert the
> mboxes into maildirs for consumption by courier-imap.

You could use mb2md for that:

apt-cache show mb2md:

Description: Converting Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format A Perl script
that takes one or more Mbox format mailbox files in a directory and
convert them to Maildir format mailboxes.As the Mbox format has some
drawbacks, D. J. Bernstein created the Maildir format when he wrote
Qmail. With the Mbox format all mail of a specific folder is stored as
one large text file. The Maildir format stores each mail as a separate
file. It is a faster and more efficient way to store mail. It works
particularly well over NFS, which has a long history of locking-related
woes.  The Mbox format is used by most of the POP3/IMAP servers, most
mail servers (MTAs) and mail readers (MUAs). The Maildir format is used
by Qmail, Courier-MTA and can be also used as a alternative mail storage
format by Postfix and Exim. A good POP3/IMAP server for Maildirs is
Courier IMAP.  .  Mb2md.pl does not only convert mailbox files into a
Maildir but also the /var/spool/mail/$USER mailspool file. It is smart
enough to not transfer a dummy message such as the UW IMAPD puts at the
start of Mbox mailboxes - and you could add your own search terms into
the script to make it ignore other forms of dummy first message.

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