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Re: Migrating from Windows to Debian - keeping email messages from Outlook Express

On (15/07/05 19:34), Dom wrote:
> Thank you all for your help, I've found out even more than I needed.
> I can proudly say I won a several days battle between a man and the
> machine and I have a Sarge version of Debian Linux installed (with
> gdm).
> The biggest problem is that I'm a 'trial and error' method kind of man
> meaning I could have prepared myself for problems with nvidia module
> if I wanted to spend some time reading (boring...). Oh well...
> The mails and everything else from OE is successfully backed up and
> ready for mozilla thunderbird, but... I made myself another problem
> now. As I was operating as root when copying the backed data from the
> old ntfs partition (so I could format it as ext3 and place back all
> the data) I am now faced with a problem of permissions - the owner of
> all that data is root, the group is also root and the permissions are
> set only for root - no permissions set for group and others.
> And as I know it's no good to make a habit of working as a root for
> the everyday work, I need to change the owner of all these files (and
> there are many of them, both files and folders, approximately 500) and
> I know no other way of selecting one by one and setting the owner
> manually.
> Is there another way of doing that? Please if you know the answer
> maybe it would be better if you answer to the new conversation I
> started just for the purpose of this (Subject: Setting permissions,
> changing the owner...).

# chown -R user:group /dir

will change the ownership recursively 

see: man chown

and: man chmod



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