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Re: Migrating from Windows to Debian - keeping email messages from Outlook Express

On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 06:52:51PM +0200, Dom Delimar wrote:
> So how can I keep all my emails from Outlook Express and integrate
> them into any of the Linux mail clients? I actually don't know which

To the best of my knowledge, and I'm no Outlook expert by any means,
Outlook is holding your data hostage in a proprietary Micrsoft format
and will not export to any one of the standard formats that could very
easily be imported into a Linux email client.

The easiest thing to do, if the server has all your old email (IMAP, a
POP3 account where the emails weren't being deleted) is to download it
again from the server, having set some appropriate client rules to split
it off into various folders.

You're better off getting out of Microsoft's proprietary trap now if you
can.  You might be able to find some program that can usefully parse
your emails out of the PST file, or a Windows client (maybe Eudora; I
don't really know) that will import Microsoft Outlook files and export
to mbox or maildir format.  (Windows clients in general, in my limited
experience with them, are all plauged by proprietary formats and don't
like to share.)

Adam Fabian <awfabian@gmail.com>

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