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Re: Migrating from Windows to Debian - keeping email messages from Outlook Express

Thank you all for your help, I've found out even more than I needed.
I can proudly say I won a several days battle between a man and the
machine and I have a Sarge version of Debian Linux installed (with
The biggest problem is that I'm a 'trial and error' method kind of man
meaning I could have prepared myself for problems with nvidia module
if I wanted to spend some time reading (boring...). Oh well...

The mails and everything else from OE is successfully backed up and
ready for mozilla thunderbird, but... I made myself another problem
now. As I was operating as root when copying the backed data from the
old ntfs partition (so I could format it as ext3 and place back all
the data) I am now faced with a problem of permissions - the owner of
all that data is root, the group is also root and the permissions are
set only for root - no permissions set for group and others.
And as I know it's no good to make a habit of working as a root for
the everyday work, I need to change the owner of all these files (and
there are many of them, both files and folders, approximately 500) and
I know no other way of selecting one by one and setting the owner

Is there another way of doing that? Please if you know the answer
maybe it would be better if you answer to the new conversation I
started just for the purpose of this (Subject: Setting permissions,
changing the owner...).


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