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Re: sarge?

In article <[🔎] c72ble$qv2$1@sea.gmane.org>, on Sun, 02 May 2004 10:33:26
+0200, Andreas Janssen wrote:

> Jules Dubois (<990rcb502@sneakemail.com>) wrote:
>> What current hardware isn't supported by Woody?

Many thanks to those who replied.  In summary, although I can't be
bothered to verify these, here's what I've gathered so far.

* Intel i845 video
* harddisks bigger than 128 GB
* SB Audigy (or at least Audigy 2 cards) * 3Com 3c940

I had assumed -- and for this I apologize to the OP -- the answer was
proprietary, closed hardware, like that from NVidia and ATI, for which the
manufacturer, and not Debian Woody, is to blame.

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