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Re: sarge?

From: "Carl Fink" <carl@fink.to>

> My opinion is that Debian's absurdly slow release schedule is the only
> reason it isn't the leading distro.  Now, many developers (who own the
> project) don't *care* whether it's the leading distro, which I understand.
> The slow releases are also a great inconvenience to people who *use*
> In particular, "stable" is so out-of-date as to be unusable on current
> hardware THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME, which is frankly absurd.
> Sure, you can compile your own kernel and download from backports.org or
> apt-get.org and roll your own when that doesn't work and ....

but why would you do that?  Sarge has been a perfectly good system for two
years (iirc - it's too long ago for me to really remember when I upgraded) -
and keeping pretty current, too.  So people who want extremely stable
servers are still using Woody, but most end-users who have a clue have
Sarge.  It would be nice to see it go stable, but I can't see that I'm
getting very far behind the bleeding edge with Sarge (eg, KDE 3.2.2 came
into sarge last week - just a couple of months after it was released)

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