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Re: sarge?

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* Kenneth Macdoald Karlsen <ken@fiona-victor.com> [2004-04-30 16:44:31 +0200]:

> On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 01:25, Katipo wrote:
> > Nicos Gollan wrote:
> I agree with many of the posters on slashdot. A distribution that uses a
> lot of focus on licencing and fanatic disputes about how the world ought
> to be will probably end up as "something funny that was once ago". It
> seems to me that foucus now is to support 11 architectures (many of them
> are old) in sync and to remove/downgrade support for modern
> archtectures/ hardware. That sounds not like a sustainable environment
> for me.
> Im out of here.
> To qoute the dolphins: Good luck and thanks for all the fish...
> Kenneth.

Hey All,

I am somewhat of a lurker that enjoys this list not only for the technical
know-how, how-to's, how-not-to's, but also for the climate of the

Not only is Debian one of the best distros around, but IMNHO one of the
real strenths with Debian is the fact that the developers are very aware
of the licensing isues. In a world where SCO is claiming patent-rights
over GNU software, this discussion is very important. I am not willing
to give up our rights to use GPL:ed or other free (not as in beer)
software, just to avoid a one-shot delay in a release. If using the
latest and greatest is important, go with testing or unstable. I am
aware of the fact that some software in woody is getting a bit long in
tooth, but for me, freedom is more important. If i need to upgrade
software, I can always use a different version than the one in Woody.

Best Regards 

Nicolaus Kedegren
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