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Re: sarge?

Of course (and perhaps properly) us "mere" users can't vote.  All we can do
is bitch on mailing lists.

My opinion is that Debian's absurdly slow release schedule is the only
reason it isn't the leading distro.  Now, many developers (who own the
project) don't *care* whether it's the leading distro, which I understand.

The slow releases are also a great inconvenience to people who *use* Debian. 
In particular, "stable" is so out-of-date as to be unusable on current
hardware THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME, which is frankly absurd.

Sure, you can compile your own kernel and download from backports.org or
apt-get.org and roll your own when that doesn't work and ....

The fact is, only maybe .5% even of Linux users are going to go through
that.  Why use a distribution if you are going to make components yourself

I've been tempted to become a Debian developer specifically to propose a
fixed release schedule:  Sarge becomes "frozen" every six months, whatever
state it's in.  Period.  Unfortunately my current insane commute is eating
all my time.
Carl Fink             carl@fink.to
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