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Re: debian and women? from DWN #10

Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:

On Fri, 26 Mar 2004 09:44:43 -0800
Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> wrote:

>>The > 50 msgs archive will never be helpful in
>>the future. _Initiating such offtopic useless discussions on a technical
>>list is one of the difference between men and women. Might be.
> Nope, just look at the many male-heavy political discussions that pop up
>about once a week.

Yes, you are right. They are more useless topics too mostly by male. But was I backing something male against female ?


What I simply mean is both are important factors of life. No matter how much you discuss/compare, you can't get perfect results. So, if well understood of both of them's importance why posting and making such a useless topic so long. Can't we make it a simple, neat, tidy and disciplined Debian issues specific list ?

Just because the subject matter doesn't appear to bear specifically on Debian, does not make the topic useless. Debian is a community, and for a lot of people who spend a large proportion of their time here, some level of social interaction is not only normal, it is actually necessary. Do you only permit Debian specific conversation in your household, at your dinner table? Welcome to ours, mind your manners.

Sociological interaction within a community provides much more than what would appear to be a quantity of noise issuing from holes in the front of the heads of the personalities involved. It provides aspects such as personality appreciation of those personalities, and by way of that creates the community factor that determines the success of that community as a community, and its' perceived commonly determined direction.

If you do not wish to participate in this aspect, no one appears to be forcing you to do so, and you are quite free to filter out the thread if you so wish. But if, on the other hand, you see yourself as being qualified to make decisions on the personal existence of others, this arouses my interest in as to what your motivation for this interesting personal requirement might be, and we will have a conversation in the course of which you will make an international display of the undeveloped aspect of your character? that motivates you in this negative direction.
Thank you for your contribution.


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