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Re: Can't connect with my new ADSL

On 11 Dec 2003, Brian Potkin wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 12:56:13PM +0000, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> > Believe it or not, I've actually made some progress. Won't bore everyone
> > with the details, but it included using a different cable and
> > to set it up followed by 10.0.0,2 to connect.
> is the router? the eth0 interface?
> > However, it doesn't like any graphics browsers I've tried but I can
> > access it with text browsers like lynx and w3m. The problem now is that
> > I don't see where you are supposed to insert the username and password
> > supplied by the ISP. You can change the passwords for both admin and user
> > but these are presumably for accessing the web pages - or is that the
> > same thing?
> So - you have managed to contact the router.  Good.
> The web interfaces for routers differ but in general you have to give a
> password to alter any essential parameters which relate to connection.
> The default password should be in the documentation.  It is generally
> something simple like 'adsl' or 'Mentor'.  I suspect you'll be unable to
> progress further without it.
> Brian.

I eventually managed to track down a phone number for the people who
make it and was told that it would only work on Windows. So it's being
returned to the dealers. I've managed to track down a Binatone modem
which has been recommended by a couple of Linux users and their website
actually says that it works on Linux so I'm getting that tomorrow. With
any luck I'll be on line then...

Thanks to everyone here for advice; I wouldn't have got even this far
without it and wouldn't know how to begin with another router.


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