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Can't connect with my new ADSL

I've subscribed to uklinux ADSL and according to BT the line is working. 
I have an Ethernet card and an ADSL modem router (Mentor). This appears
to be installed correctly: at least, ifconfig recognizes the card and
the modem ADSL light is on. 

I have placed the username and password provided by uklinux in 
/etc/ppp/papsecrets and /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider as specified in the
Debian readme file for pppoe.

I still can't connect. Running pon dsl-provider doesn't work and plog
says it can't find an Access Concentrator on eth0. (No idea what that

Doing pon dsl-provider seems to make an attempt to connect but it then

Any suggestions about what to do next?

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