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Re: Can't connect with my new ADSL

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 09:27:44AM +0000, Anthony Campbell wrote:

> Well, I got this far: pinging worked, but I still could not
> connect to it with a browser. "Connection cannot be established."

>From a previous post I thought you were having the router as,
using the 'route add' command, and the interface as, using the
'ifconfig up' command.  If that is the way you have set it up the above
is pinging the interface, not the router.

/sbin/ifconfig should have a second line for eth0 starting:

          inet addr:

if is the interface IP number.

> Should there be an entry in /etc/hosts? But what?

Not necessary.  As a matter of interest I have  localhost copernicus  router

but that's only because I can do 'telnet router' and not have to remember
the address.


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