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Re: OT: real-world programming practices

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 07:37:20PM -0400, Seneca wrote:
| On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 05:26:51PM -0500, Ron wrote:

| > Hey, I wonder if java can use ncurses? 

Do you want to write JNI code (C/C++)?  I've heard it's ugly.  Java is
a LCD (Lowest Common Demoninator) environment.  If not every platform
can do it, no platform is allowed to do it.

| > Oh, well, there goes AWT...  Sure is faster, though.
| > Why do you have to use AWT, when swing has been out for years?
| Guess what the school has... Not all the people who teach this course
| know swing, and the school doesn't have swing on their systems.

Swing is more consistent than the AWT and has more widgets.  The
layout managers are the same, though, and thus suck just as much.
Swing also works with java 1.1.

At my previous job (last year) I worked almost solely in java using
jdk 1.1.8.  We only officially supported jdk 1.1.8 because we used a
library that was only officially supported on that jvm because that's
what most browsers have/had (they're outdated too).  We just recently
moved to jdk 1.2.2 (because the latest release of the library has done
so).  In reality, though, I used jikes and javac (1.3) for compilation
and jdk 1.3 for most testing.  We managed to find some bugs in the
javac 1.1.8 compiler and found out how horrible IBM VisualAge for Java
is (and that certain legal bytecode generated from javac causes it's
importer to die, but jikes generates bytecode it likes from the same
source code).
(of course this is very on-topic now :-))



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