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Re: safe load average

On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 06:03:39PM -0500, dman wrote:
> On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 10:15:36PM -0400, Seneca Cunningham wrote:
> | So, something I was wondering about would generally be considered a
> | maximum "safe" load average.
> I often run between .5 and 1 on my two machines (one desktop one
> laptop).  One is my mail server, web server, desktop, and both are
> music boxes.  When I'm not doing anything the load is less.  The lower
> your load average the better; the less your system will be working and
> the better responsiveness you'll get (in addition to cooler
> operation).

How bad a sign is it when a single laptop heats a 50m^3 room, its
thrashing when checking email is a more effective alarm clock than an
alarm clock, PCMCIA cards feel like they're almost hot enough to solder
with, cron jobs that should only take ~15 minutes take 8 hours to
complete, the heatsink that is directly under the keyboard is hot enough
to cook eggs on, it takes an equal amount of time for my keystrokes to
echo to the console as it does on my 300 baud terminal, and it is next
to impossible to back to the console after being in X (I have to go to X
every few hours... the collective (windoze network that the proxy is on)
crashes every few hours, and I need to reconnect).

Any suggestions on how to cool this thing down (other than removing the
builtin keyboard and putting bags of ice on the heatsink (I can't afford
the ice or the external keyboard)). Other than a new computer or
upgraded hardware, I can't afford it.


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