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Re: Printing problems

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 07:38:04AM -0800, Jeff wrote:
> Error: /invalidfont in findfont
> 		       Operand stack:
> 	                       --nostringval--
> 				       basefontdict
> So, I believe I have a font issue now.  If you have some ideas on
> this, I'd really appreciate them.  I'm pretty lost...still.

Hi Jeff,

I'm having this same problem (with an operand stack of 
				F0  Times-Roman  Font  Times-

after an upgrade this weekend from stable to testing.  It seems to
happen only from Netscape.  

Don't know that that helps much, but it was certainly refreshing to
see the same error message on your message and on my printer :)  Let
me know if I can test anything for you.


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