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Re: The hated xmltex/jadetex games in combination with new tex-common

Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> And, how would one implement this? We would have to hack fmtutil to make
> these checks, something we definitely don't want.

No, I was thinking about a script written from scratch that parses
fmtutil.cnf. But anyway, this won't work due to the dpkg behavior I
pointed out, discussing this is moot.

> Umpf, we should write an article about logical consequence relation in
> Debian ;-)


> Thanks for it, but I guess we leave the format playing stuff for the
> next century, and I prepare another jadetex/xmltex package with the load
> latex.ltx hack.

'kay... Maybe Frank will have a great idea when he comes back. :)


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