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Re: blade 1000 X config

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005, Jon Biddell wrote:

> >That.. is a very good question, one to which I do not have an answer :] In
> >the end, it's not really going to need a keyboard at all because what I'd
> >LIKE to do is have this system running X (kde, gnome, enlightenment,
> >whatever) and having the keyboard/mouse shared via synergy or similar
> >client. It's really just an issue now during setup and standalone
> >environment.
> >
> >
> Now THAT is an idea I hadn't thought of - I'm currently using mine via a
> USB KVM switch which is pretty workable, but being able to get rid of
> the KVM and use something like synergy has some merit.
> In fact, now that I think about it, that may solve another problem - and
> that is remote management of 3 x Wintendo servers. Currently I use
> remote desktop into them, but that always has problems. If synergy could
> be used as a replacement... Hmmmmm.....

Well.. it's not quite the same as a kvm. Synergy is meant to meld two
machines running side by side (with two monitors) into effectively one.
You still have two monitors/workspaces but you are able to bind them to
each other as if it was two heads on one machine and move the mouse
between them, share a clipboard, etc. It is certainly damn handy though
where your desk is taken up with multiple keyboards/mice because you have
a few systems in front of you.


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