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Re: blade 1000 X config

Tib <tib@tigerknight.org> writes:

> No - it's not the keyboard that's messed up. It runs just dandy until you
> get past the locale selection and pick your language preference - then
> suddely everything is mapped wrong and on the sarge installer I didn't see
> a way to pick a literal keyboard map,

The locale selection is nothing to do with the keymap.  The installer
definitely allows you to specify the keyboard type fairly
specifically.  Have you actually read the installation instructions?

> In any case - my issue now (since I picked the ffb graphics driver) is
> which keyboard to tell x I'm using? The option for 'sun' was in there, but
> said to use that if you have a 1.4 or 1.5 type keyboard.. this is a 1.6.

I'm not at all sure what you need to know, but the _old-style_
(non-USB) type 6 keyboards are OK with the type 5 map.  USB type 6 is

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