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blade 1000 boot problem

I've recently been given a blade 1000 and have been trying to get debian
installed on it. It didn't like the cd's I made so I'm having to do a
tftpboot process, which isn't all that bad.

If I try to use the boot.img from:

I can get through the prompts for selecting locale and it does a dhcp
config. Then when it asks for a hostname the keyboard is completely
unuseable. I can only guess it didn't actually map to the correct locale.

So I tried the 2.6 boot.img, and can get all the way through installation
with the only problem being manually telling it to use the qlogicfc module
instead of qlogicisp. It says it needs to reboot, and does so.

The system comes back up, gets to 'Remapping the kernel... done.' and just
stops. No 'silo mmu fast map' or whatever the error is - just stops dead
in the water. Stop-a won't even respond. I even let it sit for a nice long
while in case it was just chugging through all that memory. I don't know
what to do.

I don't know exactly what the processors are, outside of 2 ultrasparc
III's. Openboot is v4.0, and there's 8gigs of memory installed.

Anyone know what I can do?


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