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Re: blade 1000 boot problem

Quoting Tib <tib@tigerknight.org>:

> No dice - I had thought the same thing and after letting it sit off for
> about 10 mins powered it on.
> On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Dave Love wrote:
>> Tib <tib@tigerknight.org> writes:
>> > The system comes back up, gets to 'Remapping the kernel... done.' and just
>> > stops. No 'silo mmu fast map' or whatever the error is - just stops dead
>> > in the water. Stop-a won't even respond. I even let it sit for a nice long
>> > while in case it was just chugging through all that memory. I don't know
>> > what to do.
>> This sounds the same as the problems I've been reporting on recently
>> with a v210.  Perhaps it will come up after a power cycle.

This only happened ONCE for me. I thought I was going to get a heart
attach! :)

Power cyckling (disconnecting the powercord etc) a couple of times made MINE
go up as it was supposed to...
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