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Re: question: translation into Russian

On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 01:23:40PM +0200, Andrei Sosnin wrote:
> Не пробовали, кстати, смотреть полноценные, словарные определения этого 
> слова?
  Отчего же, пробовали. Качественных русскоязычных найти не удалось,
  а вот качественные англоязычные попадались. Вот что есть в моей базе
  на этот счёт:

  ? widget

  * An object used to hold data and present an interface to the user.
    A widget is a combination of state and procedure. Each widget is a
    member of a class, which holds the procedures and data structures
    common to all widgets of that class. A widget instance holds the
    procedures and data structures particular to that single widget.
    Each widget class typically provides the general behavior
    associated with a particular kind of interaction with the user.

  * A widget is a graphics user interface tool that contains the
    buttons, sliders, labels, and so forth, which the user can use for
    viewing or rendering parameters.

  * The fundamental building block of graphical user interfaces. The
    OSF/Motif widget set provides widgets of all sorts, suitable for
    constructing an application user interface.

  * Term for a fancy invention (Americans consider themselves to be
    quite an inventive culture). Used in computer science to describe
    fancy things one might want to find on the screen in an
    interactive user interface. X Y Z This course is an adaption for
    Malmoe Hogskola by Debora Weber-Wulff of a part of Lynn Andrea
    Stein's Rethinking CS101 project at the MIT AI Lab and the
    Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  * Supposedly short for `window gadget', this refers to components in
    a graphical user interface.

  * An object that accepts user input, such as a check box, radio
    button, or drop-down list.

> Стоило бы вообще побольше уделять внимание такого рода советам и 
> консорциумам при любых разработках достаточно больших масштабов. W3C 
> вроде бы себя хорошо зарекомендовал себя... И могу предположить, что он 
> не единственный в своем роде... :-)
  Стараюсь и другим рекомендую.

alexander saltanov

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