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Re: Amazon AWS credits for Debian QA work; help needed! Bug#243668: marked as done ( org should move from master to quantz) Bug#321715: marked as done ('s Developer's Package overview doesn't work by gpg key any more) Bug#323934: marked as done ( search by GPG key does not work anymore in Bug#359044: marked as done (Developers summary page only showing a fraction of his packages) Bug#381267: marked as done ( Confuses NMU/QA and sponsor of NMU/QA) Bug#441283: marked as done ( "Debian Developer's Packages Overview" includes bug reporters.) Bug#453662: marked as done (Please make the following data/file available) Bug#495617: marked as done (DDPO: multiple debian maintainers) Bug#500933: marked as done (Use carnivore to merge identities in DDPO) Bug#506052: marked as done (Move "configuration" stanza to bottom of developer.php) Bug#507288: mails to $pkg@p.d.o should also be send to Uploaders: Bug#509548: marked as done ( changes needed in ldap2bugs / bugs.txt generation) Bug#550272: marked as done (save.png icon is not clickable when the version number is long) Bug#566637: DDPO stops showing packages in other suites but not in unstable Bug#566637: marked as done (DDPO stops showing packages in other suites but not in unstable) Bug#590927: marked as done (Does not show sponsored uploads) Bug#614721: marked as done ( Remove "statistics" link from maintainer page) Re: Bug#634562: wv: FTBFS: libtool: link: `/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive Re: Bug#639481: dbi-link: Please move from postgresql-8.4 to postgresql-9.1 Bug#644244: marked as done (please make data/watch/update-sf-list more robust) Bug#646087: marked as done (DDPO points to wrong lintian page for sponsored uploads) Bug#646303: marked as done ( warnings from data/cronjobs/ftp-update) Bug#647258: the PTS should put a TODO for release goal bugs affecting the package Bug#647510: marked as done (PTS: description of binary packages is missing in tooltips) Bug#647510: PTS: description of binary packages is missing in tooltips Bug#647565: madison.cgi: make it produce an easier to parse output Bug#647708: madison.php missing lenny suite Bug#647894: DEHS uses watch file from sid (fixed for a branch) for package in experimental (should accept latest) Bug#647901: PTS: inform when a package is involved in a transition Bug#647917: marked as done (UDD: Update lintian tag regex) Bug#647917: UDD: Update lintian tag regex Bug#648252: developer.php shows all addresses when requesting just one Bug#648252: marked as done (developer.php shows all addresses when requesting just one) Bug#648694: marked as done ( DDPO merges unrelated email addresses) Bug#648694: DDPO merges unrelated email addresses Bug#649215: PTS: binary-package -> source-package redirects missing (for some packages) Bug#649849: marked as done (PTS: SOAP interface broken (HTTP error 500)) Bug#649849: PTS: SOAP interface broken (HTTP error 500) Bug#650039: marked as done ( please add links to new buildd log check) Bug#650039: please add links to new buildd log check Creating a list of rc-buggy leaf packages EN COCHABAMBA - Bs. 65.00 - NOCHE DE ROAST BEEF (PRIME RIB) Gespräch vom Mittwoch Re: [Piuparts-devel] Piuparts state-dependency-failed-testing analysis Re: Please help moving PTS to quantz Processed: htdig: Resign from ITA Processed: qa bugs Processed: user, usertagging 562109, tagging 562109 Processed (with 1 errors): Resign from ITA Sara Tommasi senza veli contro le banche ti invita a Roma, teatro Quirino, sabato 26.11.11, ore 10.30 Status of PTS SOAP APIs Re: UDD: statement_timeout for guest user set to 120s The last update was on 20:22 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 86 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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