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Re: Creating a list of rc-buggy leaf packages

Hi Alexander (2011.11.09_12:18:16_+0200)
> Especially the grep I use to elimnate packages with dependencies takes
> awfully long (took over 600 minutes last night on wagner.d.o), but my
> attempt to solve that onyl with UDD are also quite slow, as the
> dependencies are also only in the plaintext form, and I found any
> attempt to use like operator to be even slower than that.  So, if anyone
> has a good idea, or can improve my SQL, please do so now :)

Funny this should come up. I'm just busy implementing a web service for
reverse-depends lookup on Ubuntu.

Having more stable releases in Ubuntu than Debian makes using apt-cache
rdepends/grep-dctrl more painful.

I played with downloadable reverse-depends indexes, but they get up to
about 500k/arch/release when xz-compressed, so I went for a server-side
DB. (Currently 200MiB sqlite, regenerated daily)

That DB could just as easily be a UDD table, if this would be useful for

It's currently hosted at http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/rdepends/ and takes
package, arch, and release parameters. Only package is mandatory.
arch=source for Reverse-Build-Depends.

I'll probably switch to a RESTier URL scheme and add helpful error
messages. And add a command-line client.

Source at https://code.launchpad.net/~stefanor/+junk/reverse-deps


Stefano Rivera
  H: +27 21 465 6908 C: +27 72 419 8559  UCT: x3127

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