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Re: Inconsistent spelling of QT and GNOME

Christian Kurz writes:
 > On 04/11/01, Mark Brown wrote:
 > > On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 09:39:25PM +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
 > > > On 04/11/01, Matthew Vernon wrote:
 > > > > Indeed. Historically, debian-qa have been the people who deal with
 > > > > orphaned packages - there are moves to make the BTS-generated traffic
 > > > Well, but not only time is changing and I think it's time that debian-qa
 > > > changes a bit moving away from the maintaince of orphaned packages to
 > > > take care of QA issues.
 > > It seems that part of the problem with this has been that most of what
 > > would be done by -qa has actually happened on -devel or the ports lists
 > > - there is not that much that is specifically the buisness of -qa.
 > Then do as I suggested in an other email and remove this list after
 > debian-qa-packages has been created. According to your description this
 > list will then be useless and have no further relevant traffic, so that
 > everything can be moved to -devel.

This list has a certain amount of traffic from maintainers who want
help with packages, or people wanting packages NMU'd.


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