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Re: Inconsistent spelling of QT and GNOME

On 04/11/01, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> Christian Kurz writes:
>  > On 04/11/01, Matthew Vernon wrote:
>  > > than just dealing with orphaned packages. We don't have any more

>  > Which hopefully moves to an extra list and therefor an extra group
>  > taking care of this. Orphaned packages are not directly an issue for the
>  > QA, since they can have a high quality still.

> Indeed. Historically, debian-qa have been the people who deal with
> orphaned packages - there are moves to make the BTS-generated traffic

Well, but not only time is changing and I think it's time that debian-qa
changes a bit moving away from the maintaince of orphaned packages to
take care of QA issues.

> from those packages go elsewhere, to reduce the noise level a bit (I
> don't really need to know that someone else has uploaded a new version
> of $package); I wonder if we didn't do it, whether anyone would.

I think that there would be people around who would take care of those
orphaned packages. 

> [GNOME/Qt Vs. Gnome/QT]

>  > > You clearly see it as a serious issue; to me it seems a cosmetic thing
>  > > - it would be good to fix it, but we don't want to go using up a lot
>  > > of time and effort over it. I think -devel is the place to get broad

>  > And that's why I thaught that issue and the best solution which one the
>  > hand fix it and on the other hand doesn't need much effort should be
>  > discussed here. 

> Fair enough; there seems to be general agreement that filing wishlist
> bug reports would be a sensible initial approach (though there seems
> to be some disagreement as to who should do it, and whether -devel

Well, I wouldn't say that there's a agreement about this especially
since this wouldn't ensure that really all packages get fixed and either
all packages should be fixed or none.

> should be told). Personally, I don't think it makes a huge amount of
> difference who files the bug reports (I'm not sure a From: line of

Right, but having at least a general agreement and a coordinated action
to fix this would seem to be better then just filling bug reports.
Because ignoring or closing bug reports is very easy and at least some
maintainer will do so.

>  > But now I learned that my understanding of quality
>  > doesn't compare well with the one of other developers and that I better
>  > shut up and never mention anything anymore in here. 

> Sorry? You were disagreed with, that's all. Disagreement!=personal
> attack. Certainly, the comment about needing more sleep was unhelpful,
> but you seem to be over-reacting a little to me.

I don't think it's not an over-reaction when you are just stating that
it seems that your opinion and understanding seems to be imcompatible
with others. And then I just draw the conclusion that I then better shut
up and don't mail any further suggestions.

>  > > You aren't prepared to send mail to -devel? Gosh. I don't read it very
>  > > often, but I send mail there from time to time...

>  > Sorry, but if you don't know my reasons for not sending anymore an
>  > e-Mail to -devel, then would you please stop attacking me? 

> Where have I attacked you? I might have disagreed with your opinions,
> but that's not an attack, is it?

Well, you may not have intented to attack me with your statement, but
when I read it, it felt being attacked, since I have some reasons, why I
won't post anymore to -devel. So, I'm saying now sorry, if I insulted or
attacked you with my previous statement.

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