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Re: Inconsistent spelling of QT and GNOME

On 04/11/01, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> On Sun, 04 Nov 2001, Christian Kurz wrote:
> > Wrong, I'm not of any authority to make decision about inconsistent or
> > consistent spelling of words in package descriptions. I can only write a

> Only the maintainers themselves and the Technical Comitee are. QA isn't,
> either, other than for the packages it "owns"...  we can just be yet another
> voice in the waters.

So, let's drop the debian-qa list and the whole idea of Debian QA, if QA
has no authority to make decision about what should be done to improve
our quality. If this list is simply created to maintain orphaned
packages and receive the bug reports, then better write a bugreport that
when debian-qa-packages will be created, debian-qa will be removed. 

> Which matters little, anyway. I have this hunch a lot of maintainers will
> simply apply the requested change no matter who asked them to, and many
> others will simply ignore or get annoyed at 'such an stupid bug report' (or

And since this hurts our quality seriously, this change would first need
to be discussed and especially how it can be made, while ensuring that
all affected packages will be changed.

> > is not something that can easily solved by wishlist bugs, but would need
> > before some discussiong and an organized effort. Therefor I'm
> > suggestion that this issue will be solved by Debian QA and that's not
> > only myself, but a lot more people. 

> Yes, I see. I still think this is -devel matter, and not -qa, but forget my

Then feel free to write to -devel, I won't do so, since I already broke
my statement once that I won't send any further e-Mail to -devel and
won't break it a second time.

> > P.S.: If you are trying to get me out of debian and show how elitist
> > everyone in here is, then you are doing good work. I'm really wondering
> > about the changes of attitude that are also now happening on this list. 

> Hmm... maybe I am on the wrong side today (the elitist guys), but please
> don't take things that strongly... 

I'm taking it not strong, but serious, since I'm not only noticing this
change here on the list, but also on other lists which belong to the
Debian project.

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