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Re: Inconsistent spelling of QT and GNOME

Christian Kurz writes:
 > On 04/11/01, Matthew Vernon wrote:
 > > Erm. Why? debian-qa exists to improve the quality of Debian - to deal
 > > with bugs that are causing maintainers problems, to NMU packages that
 > > developers aren't dealing with for whatever reason. There's more to it
 > That's only a part of QA and not the only thing that affects the quality
 > of a distribution. Having useful and consistent package descriptions is
 > also part of the quality of a distribution.
Agreed, agreed. 
 > > than just dealing with orphaned packages. We don't have any more
 > Which hopefully moves to an extra list and therefor an extra group
 > taking care of this. Orphaned packages are not directly an issue for the
 > QA, since they can have a high quality still.
Indeed. Historically, debian-qa have been the people who deal with
orphaned packages - there are moves to make the BTS-generated traffic
from those packages go elsewhere, to reduce the noise level a bit (I
don't really need to know that someone else has uploaded a new version
of $package); I wonder if we didn't do it, whether anyone would.

[GNOME/Qt Vs. Gnome/QT]

 > > You clearly see it as a serious issue; to me it seems a cosmetic thing
 > > - it would be good to fix it, but we don't want to go using up a lot
 > > of time and effort over it. I think -devel is the place to get broad
 > And that's why I thaught that issue and the best solution which one the
 > hand fix it and on the other hand doesn't need much effort should be
 > discussed here. 

Fair enough; there seems to be general agreement that filing wishlist
bug reports would be a sensible initial approach (though there seems
to be some disagreement as to who should do it, and whether -devel
should be told). Personally, I don't think it makes a huge amount of
difference who files the bug reports (I'm not sure a From: line of
debian-qa would be helpful, personally, but I could be persuaded); as
to telling -devel, I'm not sure if that'd make much difference - it
just seemed the natural thing to do to me.

 > But now I learned that my understanding of quality
 > doesn't compare well with the one of other developers and that I better
 > shut up and never mention anything anymore in here. 

Sorry? You were disagreed with, that's all. Disagreement!=personal
attack. Certainly, the comment about needing more sleep was unhelpful,
but you seem to be over-reacting a little to me.

 > > You aren't prepared to send mail to -devel? Gosh. I don't read it very
 > > often, but I send mail there from time to time...
 > Sorry, but if you don't know my reasons for not sending anymore an
 > e-Mail to -devel, then would you please stop attacking me? 

Where have I attacked you? I might have disagreed with your opinions,
but that's not an attack, is it?


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