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Re: Package puzzle can be removed

>> "Tille, Andreas" <TilleA@rki.de> writes:

 > I suggest to remove package puzzle (and close #100256).  I quote from
 > the Readme.debian of tree-puzzle:
 >  tree-puzzle replaces the previous package puzzle, since the program was
 >  renamed by upstream because of a name conflict with another program.
 >  The command and manpage for tree-puzzle are renamed to tree-puzzle as well!
 > I plan to adopt tree-puzzle.  Should I close this bug as well or will this
 > be done in the process of removing the package from Debian?

 I know this will sound like nitpicking (given the package in question)
 but AFAICS, there would be no upgrade path from puzzle to tree-puzzle
 (puzzle exists in stable).

 In general renaming packages is bad.  Moving stuff from one package to
 another is bad.  Removing (released) packages is bad.  And some
 disturbing number of maintainers (nothing against you in particular
 Andreas) do it at will and push it under the rug invoking some ominous
 release notes.

 Does anyone know if this is being taking care of? (I don't watch the
 -dpkg or -whatever-the-relevant-one-is-called list at all)  Will it be,
 at some point in the near or far future, possible to rename packages in
 a sensible way?


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