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Adopting vtprint Art market insider - Initie du marche de l'art The Art Sale of the Century - La Vente du Siecle beast_0.4.1-5.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED beast package update Bug#100426: Do you want to stay ROCK HARD longer? Bug#115325: marked as done (xkbsel: fails to build from source (automake 1.5 in sid)) Bug#122460: marked as done (c-cpp-reference: bad package name) Bug#147296: BSP -- patch and delayed upload Bug#147296: marked as done (jade: should update-catalog --remove in prerm) Bug#150367: Habe mich verliebt ... Bug#150367: Habe mich verliebt ... 1374cecz5-547rsJ-15 Bug#156039: marked as done (xkbsel depends on Bug#167807: marked as done (All KDE icons, MIME types & help is broken after upgrade from KDE 2.2 to 3.0.4-1! [kioslave bug?]) Bug#167885: marked as done (xkbsel: cssk_ibm wrong) Bug#170212: marked as done (xkbsel: FTBFS: Build-Depends on xlib6g-dev) Bug#171127: beast_0.4.1-3(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: g++ 3.0 errors Bug#171127: marked as done (beast_0.4.1-3(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: g++ 3.0 errors) Bug#172005: got a patch for this Bug#172005: marked as done (undeclared functions) Bug#175978: sabre_0.2.4b-15(mipsel/unstable): fails to build with sudo Bug#176606: Spying bug 176606 Bug#177549: dropping the package Bug#177864: Does this problem exist with official Debian KDE3.1 (release) packages? Bug#182474: KDE metapackage (was: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?) Bug#182474: taking package Bug#183018: Could use the irc alternative Bug#183147: anti-aliasing-howto: Please split this package out of meta-kde Bug#183251: quickres-applet: Package un-installable Bug#183257: wavelan-applet: Package un-installable Bug#183414: bug: bug and entering numbers Bug#183985: kde: cannot dist-upgrade to KDE 3.1 Bug#184364: KDE Bug#185011: playmidi: new upstream version 2.5 Bug#185019: kleandisk is a kde 2 package and not installable anymore Bug#185209: xanim-modules server has changed Bug#185299: Please upgrade to latest config.sub and config.guess Bug#185315: beast: not installable in sid Bug#185442: sp: mutt manual fails fails to build on m68k Bug#185442: sp: nsgmls dies with relocation error Bug#185500: KDE doesn't respond to 'lock screen' menu Bug#185549: biomode doesn't work under Xemacs21.4(patch 6) Bug#185701: marked as done (should depend on libvorbis0a instead of libvorbis0) Bug#185701: should depend on libvorbis0a instead of libvorbis0 Bug#185855: blt-dev: bltPool.h not found Bug#185877: xpw and xsiag freezes when opening openoffice documents Bug#185986: kvdr doesn't runs on kde3 Bug#185986: raising severity Bug#186049: aethera: unable to install with kde 3.1 Bug#186381: marked as done (xkbsel_0.13-13(unstable/sparc): obsolete build-depends) Bug#186631: langdrill: Binary package depends on libsigc++0 Bug#186884: jade: index.html doesn't reference the right copyright file Bug#187046: kinkatta: needs new(?) upstream and rebuild against KDE3/Qt3 Bug#23203: Fast Distribution Worldwide Change of section in your Debian package(s) Edited and updated by a Human team epic_3.004-18_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED epic override disparity Feel more confident at work owjlupmnbh yakm Re: GAP's (non)freeness ? Habe mich verliebt ... Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue 未承諾広告※今すぐ現金!! jade_1.2.1-29.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED jade_1.2.1-29_i386.changes ACCEPTED kde metapackage kernel-patch-ethernet-drivers_2.2.20-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED kernel-patch-ext3-2.2_0.0.7a-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED A Kiss for U!:-) log-analysis_0.41-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED make your phone twice as powerful wvxfws c gzgnk megahal_9.0.3-7_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED megahal_9.0.3-7_powerpc.changes REJECTED Processed: BSP -- patch and delayed upload Processed: dropping the package Processed: raising severity Processed: Re: beast_0.4.1-3(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: g++ 3.0 errors Processed: Re: Processed: BSP -- patch and delayed upload Processed: retitling bugs properly this time ;) Processed: severity of 186049 is grave Processing of weblint_1.93-3_i386.changes qtella_0.6.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED qtella_0.6.1-2_i386.changes is NEW SearchBar for your website SSH2 / x11 forwarding tcltutor_2b4-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED weblint_1.93-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xkbsel_0.13-13.1_sparc.changes ACCEPTED xkbsel_0.13-13_source.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:50 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 152 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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