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Bug#185986: kvdr doesn't runs on kde3

Package: kvdr
Version: 0.51.1-1

the current kvdr version included in unstable doesn't run with kde3.

It is compiled for kde 2.2.2 which is obsolete. I've just build a new package, 
i don't know whether it is concurring with the specifications but it can be 
installed with the newest packages of qt3 without problems.

I don't know whether it runs with the vdr package included in sid, because 
i've build my vdr from source.

I suggest, that the kvdr package should be replaced with a newer version or 
removed. if you don't like my package, you can surely take another one.

Here's the link to my kvdr: http://www.gfs.diepholz.de/~florian/debian/

I am using Debian GNU/Linux Sid (3.2?), kernel 2.4.20-xfs
and libc6 2.3.1-15.

Florian Flachmeier, Diepholz/Germany    #freaks@efnet.demon.co.uk
email: florianflachmeier@gmx.de            ICQ: 77270516

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