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Re: GAP's (non)freeness ?

Some more questions :

2.4: Are there RPMS or DEB files for Linux?
We would like to be able to offer source and binary distributions
packaged for the popular Linux package formats (Red Hat and Debian
mainly) but so far we have not been able to find the manpower to
prepare these.

Well, you said that you know about the debs, and you are not happy with

>>2.3: Why do you use ZOO? ZIP is so much nicer.
>>The problem is that many Windows and Mac users do not have reliable
tools >>to unpack gzipped tar archives, while we have a single source
file that >>provides everyone with unzoo at the cost of one extra step.

So, my proposal is to you : 
1. I will update the license in all the files (putting a copyright
headers on the files)

2. Help create updated DEB out of the  CVS
wait, they are now available 4.3 is here :

3. I will supply you with cvs patches to fix the copyright issue.

4. The debian source packages are great, because they can be used as a
normal tgz. That way you can avoid this entire zoo issue. TGZ works
fine on all systems.

please advice as how you want to handle this?


James Michael DuPont

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