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aethera_0.9.3-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED ASSISTANCE boa_0.94.12-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#106513: marked as done (secpanel is not working while scp'ing) Bug#132463: marked as done (secpanel: scp not works with filenames containing spaces) Bug#141702: playmidi: skipped lirycs in playmidi -r Bug#143013: marked as done (icqlib should not release with woody) Bug#144222: marked as done (secpanel: "tcl: Command not found." at scp transfer) Bug#144961: marked as done (Reopen #63351: vchkpw: Change dependancy to qmail-src?) Bug#151548: lshell should ask to set default shell for new users to lshell version Bug#151572: marked as done (gnome-utils: [experimental] needs e2fslibs-dev source dependency) Bug#151670: Bug#152089: xmbase-grok very buggy when built against lesstif Bug#152831: conf.modules depreciated but still created by linuxconf Bug#152843: dired fail in emacs20-dl with Japanese locale Bug#152857: freeamp: FreeAmp is being superseded by Zinf Bug#152857: The reason it is being renamed Zinf Bug#153473: freeamp-doc: There are no documents in freeamp-doc Bug#153658: marked as done (gnome-utils: Scrollkeeper fails to validate OMF file) Bug#153711: ssh2: RequireReverseMapping not described in man page Bug#154065: kde: menus have "blank paper" icon Bug#154141: marked as done (gnome-utils: URI DTD in documentation) Bug#154233: please build-depend on libpng3-dev Bug#154251: [sparc] sshd2 uses 100% CPU when logging in from remote Bug#154388: marked as done (scrollkeeper: Trying to fetch an unfetchable file on the Internet) Bug#154789: freeamp-doc: File in two packages, or file moved between versions causing upgrade problems. Bug#154939: missing Large File Support Bug#40133: playmidi: print usage on stdout Bug#70676: marked as done (Block instead of dash) cvsweb_1.112-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED deps elm-me+ version 2.4pl25ME+95-3 won't run when en_US locale is configured Entschuldigen Sie bitte die Störung! gnome-utils_1.4.1.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnu-smalltalk_1.95.13a-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnu-smalltalk_1.95.13a-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnu-smalltalk override disparity i like to download dj software in linux korelib_0.0.1-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED Long Beach Film Festival - Now Accepting Films & Screenplays mova_4.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED mysql-navigator_1.3.12-4_source.changes ACCEPTED Package icqlib does not build with automake 1.6 Package voberon builds with imlib and libpng Processed: add topic Processed: playmidi: add tag patch Processed: playmidi: skipped lirycs in playmidi -r Processed: this bug should be higher severity and better named... Processed: your mail Processing of wavtools_1.3.2-8_alpha.changes secpanel_0.32-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Urgent/Confidential vchkpw_3.1.2-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED vchkpw_3.1.2-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED vchkpw override disparity wavtools_1.3.2-8_alpha.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:44 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 62 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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