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Bug#154251: [sparc] sshd2 uses 100% CPU when logging in from remote

Package: ssh2
Version: 2.0.13

When logging in from a remote machine, everything goes fine until
hitting [Enter] after typing the password. Sshd then seems to go into an
infinite loop and eats all available CPU capacity. sshd has to be
stopped with kill -9; the normal kill has no effect.
The strange thing about this is that I am quite sure I once had a
working setup, but I don't remember having changed anything since then
(and everything I changed in the ssh-config was setting the port to 22,
as I also do on my i386 machines).
Sorry for this report being quite poor; please email me for more

I am using Debian GNU/Linux 3.0, kernel 2.2.20-SMP
and libc6 2.2.5-6 (recently upgraded to 2.2.5-10, but with no effect).

Greetings/Best regards,

Jan Harnisch

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