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Bug#152831: conf.modules depreciated but still created by linuxconf

Package: Linuxconf 
version : 1.17r5-2

Whilst trying to use a number of different rtl8139 ethernet cards, I have
modified the contents in /etc/modutils/aliases to correctly include the
modules to load at boot time.

In addition, I have tried to use linuxconf to configure other settings.

linuxconf creates a file called conf.modules in /etc whereas what appears to
be required by modprobe is modules.conf

Once this file has been created by linuxconf, modprobe complains that the
use of conf.modules has been depreciated.

I presume that it means that this functionality has been replaced in recent
revisions and that the filename has been changed around.

removing this file and manually updating the details in
/etc/network/interfaces the network card is now working properly and can
connect to the LAN.

(also applies to linuxconf-x with the same version number)


Jon Rowlan
Consultant & Director,
phone +44 (0) 1622 600 007
fax +44 (0) 1622 761 046 

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