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Bug#152089: xmbase-grok very buggy when built against lesstif

Package: xmbase-grok
Version: 1.5-1

xmbase-grok still does not seem to work too well with lesstif.
If I use 1.5-1 with lesstif1_0.93.18-5 or  lesstif1_0.92.26-1 the 
following severe bug occurs reproducibly:
* start grok
* open an example database
* change sort order a few times ("Sort" menu)
-> the lower half of the display (where details about the selected data 
record are shown) goes blank (grey) and remains that way
This makes grok practically useless.

If I use grok with lesstif1 version 1:0.89.4-3 the above bug goes away, 
but grok silently & immediately exits if I open a large database 
(anyway, grok should work with the latest lesstif package).

If xmbase-grok is compiled against OpenMotif (using the libmotif-* 
packages from Debian) both bugs go away.

Proposal: Compile xmbase-grok against OpenMotif until lesstif is up to 
the job. If that is not feasible, I hope this bugreport will at least 
warn people.

Versions of other relevant packages:
Kernel: 2.4.18-k6
libc6: 2.2.5-3
xlibs: 4.1.0-14

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