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Re: does Debian help detect gravitational waves?

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 10:41 PM, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> Since "Pure Blends" is a TM, i.e. means smth specific now (which is
> great), NeuroDebian shouldn't get under the "Pure Blends" section.
> Actually may be some blends listed there aren't really "Pure Blends"
> (not yet at least) in the notion that they use pure blends
> machinery (e.g. FreedomBox)
> But since url suggests generic "blends", it might make sense indeed to
> make clearer distinction of Pure Blends from other beasts.  This way,
> whenever glorious day comes that there is Pure Blends selection
> interface within d-i, there would be no confusion ;)  Then
> NeuroDebian could qualify as some kind of "Meta Blend" (since going
> across blends) or just some kind of a generic "Blend".

We have some terminology definitions on the wiki page:


Debian Pure Blends


Pure Blend: a subset of Debian that is configured to support a
particular target group out-of-the-box. One way to understand this is
a list of packages that gets installed to provide a focus of use.

Blend: a Debian-based distribution that is, or wants to become, a Pure
Blend - i.e. has as an explicit goal of improving Debian as a whole,
consequently all extras they offer will either become part of Debian,
or are temporary workarounds to solve a need of the target group which
can't be solved within Debian yet.

Flavor: upon installation of a Blend there often is a choice,
depending on the particular use, about what set of defaults to use. A
flavor is the name of such a set. (e.g. Skolelinux has flavors for
main-server, workstation, and thin-client-server)

Subproject: group of people within Debian working together on a common
purpose. In most cases this common purpose is either some specific
functionality (e.g. debian-multimedia) or a Blend (e.g.

Derivative: a distribution based on Debian, no matter its goals - e.g.
Ubuntu is a derivative; Debian Edu is a Debian Blend and also a Debian



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