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Re: does Debian help detect gravitational waves?

On Wed, 17 Feb 2016, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I know since some of the parts are in Debian Med - but this is "by
> chance" since we share a common interest.  If I would like to promote
> NeuroDebian I would not ignore the chance to be mentioned at the Blends
> entry page[1].  From a promotion point of view NeuroDebian looks rather
> like a derivative than a Blend.  As far as I understood Yaroslav and
> Michael they somehow promote NeuroDebian also under this name in their
> scientific community.  I personally consider this dangerous since if the
> two main propagators might change their jobs in a different direction
> the stuff they invented will be orphaned. (I have seen this happen in
> other derivatives frequently.)

We could continue this discussion and my replies would be like
- NeuroDebian is not a derivative, all our work targets stock Debian
  distribution (sooner or later). We are more of an extension ;) (aren't
  blends are as well?)
- Not that I wish that upon ourselves, but rather to accent
  importance/significance/value of some folks... I wonder where Debian
  Science and Med would end up if Andreas changed his job/moved to
  another direction (I have seen many things happened in my lifetime).

  In contrast, NeuroDebian, like a good cuckoo, contributes its
  kiddos to other blends, thus increasing amount of care (damn thing
  that both major blends we contribute to are in large lead by the same

but I would say -- such disgussion wouldn't be productive, so
let's stop here for now ;)

BTW, while building bigger plans -- who is going to the next Debconf? ;)

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