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Any Debian support for CubaConf

Hello guys,

How Debian could make a support for realization of CubaConf[1]?

CubaConf = Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre April 25-27 -
Cuban Art Factory Havana/Cuba

Is sponsoring a Debian Developer to attend/talking the event or
collaborating with some of the expenses. I know we have such limited
resources. But the values are not very supportive[2].

Personally, already I requested the production of 50 Debian t-shirts.
I will sell at cost price (~$8) as an incentive to promotion of Debian Project.
Or have a InstallFest[3], and each computer with Debian wins a t-shirt free.

I think the important thing for the success of the event is to have
Debian developers participating. Anyone DD near Cuba, go to CubaConf.

[1] http://www.cubaconf.org/
[2] http://www.cubaconf.org/sponsoring/
[3] http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Installfest-HOWTO/introduction.html

Best regards,
Valessio Brito

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