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Re: Debian UK

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
> The way we price this stuff has always been based on selling it as cheaply
> as possible, while making the numbers round for convenient change at Expos,
> and aiming to do just better than break-even [...]

How can anyone define a not-for-profit business if that's not one?
You want to raise enough money to break-even, so aim just higher.
That activity of DUS is a business.

The other part, holding money for debian, does get a few donations.
DUS as a whole is more than just that, though.

> One could seek sponsorship for the stand, but that has it's own risks to
> the independence of Debian.

Wasn't the stand in ".org village sponsored by UKLINUX.NET" for
a few years now?  Thanks to them for their generous sponsorship.
It's a big help to a lot of projects and some of the
most interesting exhibits. http://www.linuxexpo.org.uk/


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