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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 02:30:07 +0100, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Thomas Hood wrote:
>> I think that mfk's request for information (quoted) was addressed to ajt
>> as an ftpmaster, not as a private person.
> Well, that's nice and all, but there's absolutely no difference between 
> me as a private person and as an ftpmaster -- my work on Debian is done 
> *as* a private person, not as an employee, or under any other formal 
> relationship. Further, the governing document of Debian *specifically* 
> indicates that no one has *any* right to demand anything of me, except 
> that I not actively work against the rest of the project.

So you are denying that ftpmasters have responsibilities beyond refraining
from working against the rest of the project?  It seems you are.

>> With a position of responsibility come, erm, responsibilities.
> So while I completely understand this sentiment, it's also completely 
> and utterly inappropriate in the context of Debian.

OK, you are denying that the concept of responsibility applies to
individuals who fill named positions in the project.  That is
very interesting to know.

> If you want other people to do things for you in Debian, you need them 
> to want to do it, you can't just go around trying to make life 
> unpleasant for them if they don't.

Here you seem to be equating the concept of responsibility with that of
making like unpleasant for the responsible party.  I don't think that
those concepts are the same.

> I realise that's nothing like the norm in the rest of life, and that 
> it's not easy and convenient, but it's the way things are. Think of it 
> this way and extrapolate, perhaps: just because you can have a volunteer 
> military, doesn't mean every volunteer project will have military style 
> command and control.

Now you seem to be equating the concept of responsibility with that of
military duty.  Again, differences can be discerned.

>> Because Debian is a volunteer project it is always possible to shed
>> responsibility, but the way to do it is to resign one's position.
> And again, I'm sorry, but you're simply wrong on this score.

I may be wrong where Debian is concerned, yes.

Thomas Hood

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