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Bug#101147: marked as done (base-files: Include LaTeX Project Common License in /usr/share/common-licenses/) Bug#111281: marked as done (base-files: MPL should be included in package) Bug#111839: marked as done ([PROPOSAL]: packages should be cross buildable) Bug#117916: marked as done ([PROPOSED] Mandate http servers to provide httpd-cgi as relevenat) Bug#128868: marked as done (debian-policy: Depends semantics unclear re circular depends) Bug#133808: marked as done (proposal for a License: tag in packages) Bug#140757: marked as done (debian-policy: init.d script shouldn't be executable by non-root) Bug#141161: marked as done (Circular Depends) Bug#148194: debian-policy: Clarification needed regarding multi-line fields Bug#148194: marked as done ([AMENDMENT 11/04/2006] Permit multi-line fields in debian/control) Bug#148194: Policy amendment to permit multi-line fields in debian/control Bug#148941: marked as done (Objection to change made in debian policy) Bug#162120: marked as done (debian-policy: Deletion of configuration files--should it be preserved?) Bug#172010: marked as done (licenses: documentation license should be included) Bug#172990: marked as done (base-files: Please include MIT licence in /usr/share/common-licenses/) Bug#173737: marked as done (GNU Free Documentation License should be added to common-licenses) Bug#174296: marked as done (base-files: QPLv1 license inclusion) Bug#175064: do you know that... Bug#177306: marked as done (please include the complete text of the GNU Free Documentation License) Bug#182916: marked as done (adding GFDL license and license manpages to base-files) Bug#190753: marked as done ([AMENDMENT 12/04/2004] frown on programs in PATH with language extentions) Bug#191036: marked as done ([OLD PROPOSAL] create /run for programs that run before /var is mounted) Bug#196367: [re:] Watcher News1etter Bug#199849: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] unclear recommendation for debconf w/ dpkg-statoverride) Bug#201883: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] Policy should not list common licenses but say when a license is common) Bug#212434: marked as done ([PROPOSED] recommend FHS 2.2 rather than 2.1) Bug#230217: marked as done (debian-policy: [PROPOSAL] Should update to Filesystem Hierarchy Standard FHS 2.3) Bug#243037: marked as done (menu files should not be allowed to play backticks/quotation games) Bug#304106: marked as done (Policy for devfs support) Bug#32263: marked as done ([PENDING AMENDMENT 20/01/2000] Splitting cgi-bin) Bug#329762: Relaxation and documentation of the "-fPIC" constraint Bug#338219: could section 8.1 mandate what library directories will be searched Bug#341232: marked as done (8.6.4. Providing a `shlibs' file: s/should create/must provide/) Bug#342611: marked as done (debian-policy: please support Watch file as recommendation) Bug#344158: marked as done (The FHS is from 2000 and should be updated) Bug#346152: marked as done (debian-policy: mp3-encoder and mp3-decoder virtual packages.) Bug#346598: marked as done (init script stop example should use --oknodo) Bug#349010: marked as done (debian-policy: Chapter 6 - Package maintainer scripts: redundant info about exit status) Bug#349775: marked as done (debian-policy: Refers to upgrading-checklist.txt instead of upgrading-checklist.txt.gz) Bug#352641: marked as done (debian-policy: clarify distribution of files needed by the HTML (section 12.4)) Bug#355263: marked as done (policy 12.5: Please recommend a sane practice WRT different gpl versions (was: Re: RFC/RFS: beef - a flexible BrainFuck interpreter)) Bug#357162: marked as done (debian-policy: preserve /usr/share/doc/*/* timestamps) Bug#357613: marked as done (debian-policy: Conflicting Architecture definitions) Bug#359817: marked as done (debian-policy: dpkg-gencontrol now uses -isp by default) Bug#360518: debian-policy: typo in policy-process: "Guideliens" Bug#361137: marked as done ([AMENDMENT 06/04/2006] Make use of invoke-rc.d, if available, mandatory) Bug#361137: [PROPOSAL] Make use of invoke-rc.d, if available, mandatory Bug#361418: [Proposal] new Debian menu structure Bug#361418: Suggest moving HAM Radio to Technical Bug#362247: marked as done (no longer current regarding X font paths) Bug#362247: no longer current regarding X font paths Bug#362975: marked as done (debian-policy: please prohibit circular dependencies, or mention that dependencies won't be respected during prerm remove) Bug#363133: [PROPOSAL] Document support of package types in shlibs files Re: Bug#364319: base-files: PS1 setting for *ksh (PROPOSAL: /etc/profile.d/) Bug#364982: Minor typo in upgrading checklist Bug#364983: Typo in upgrading-checklist Bug#364985: debian-policy: repeated word in section 10.4 Bug#365058: typo in debian policy section 10.9.1 Bug#365323: typo in debian-policy Bug#365356: debian-policy: The section 11.8.5 needs some clarifications Bug#365510: 11.8.7: X11R7 puts headers in /usr/include/X11 Bug#48050: marked as done (skeleton maintainer scripts) Bug#77400: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] require packages to disable /etc/logrotate.d files on removal) Bug#78341: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] Full text of GPL must be included) Bug#79538: marked as done (Include FDL in common-licenses) Bug#80343: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] policy should say no files should be owned by "nobody") Bug#85270: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] Forbiding debian-revision field for Debian-native source packages) Bug#88029: marked as done (allow rules file to be non-makefile) Bug#88111: Feeling a little fatigued? Bug#88111: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] Allow debian/rules to not be a makefile) Bug#88249: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] policy process must explicitly include relevant package maintainers) Bug#93724: marked as done (base-files: please move undocumented(7) from manpages) Bug#96597: marked as done ([PROPOSAL] native packages should be required to contain changelogs) Bug#96873: marked as done (Please add virtual package ladspa-plugin) Re: [bug] references to dpkg-shlibdeps should be dh_shlibdeps Changes to archive debian-policy--devel--3.7--patch-1 Changes to archive debian-policy--devel--3.7--patch-2 Changes to archive debian-policy--devel--3.7--patch-3 Changes to archive debian-policy--devel--3.7--patch-4 Changes to archive Debian Menu policy Re: Debian Menu policy leads to confusion debian-policy_3.7.0.0_i386.changes ACCEPTED Int.Job is now hiring(details inside)._ALEX777 Make use of invoke-rc.d, if available, mandatory? Re: Policy Translation Processed: Changed address Processed: cloning 362534, severity of -1 is normal, reassign -1 to debian-policy, reopening -1 ... Processed: Creating alternatives for keyword programs is not really policy Processed: Re: Bug#148194: debian-policy: Clarification needed regarding multi-line fields Processed: Re: Bug#329762: Relaxation and documentation of the "-fPIC" constraint Processed: Re: Bug#363486: dpkg: [update-alternatives] New categories for: WORD, EXCEL, MEDIA-PLAYER etc. Processed: Retitle policy proposal Processed: This is under discussion Processed: Umm, this has no patch Processing of debian-policy_3.7.0.0_i386.changes Question regarding policy wording RFC: Webapps Packaging sub-policy О Вас узнают тысячи потенциальных клиентов! Resultados 4o Periodo. Encuesta 5o Periodo. Integridad Pública. Candidatos Presidenciales The last update was on 18:36 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 171 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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