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Bug#346152: marked as done (debian-policy: mp3-encoder and mp3-decoder virtual packages.)

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Package: debian-policy


#64006 and #64004 requested an mp3-decoder and mp3-encoder
virtual package.  I do not see the point in having any of those
packages as virtual package.

They're currently defined as:
 mp3-encoder             an MP3 encoder package
 mp3-decoder             an MP3 decoder package

And I have to wonder what an "mp3 decoder" is.  Would a library
that decodes mp3 qualify?  Or is it supposed to mean sound
players can can decode mp3?

I think virtual packages are only useful if you can have a
Depends on it, and that it provides some functionality your
program can use.

There currently is 1 packages that has a depends on any of those
2 packages:
vux: Depends on mpg321 | mp3-decoder

And it currently can't play mp3's with any other decoder than

There are also a few packages that have a suggest:
ecasound: mpg321 | mp3-decoder
gnump3d: mp3-decoder | xmms
nautilus: totem | mp3-decoder
peercast-handlers: mp3-decoder

And I have to wonder how they can have any use of any random
packages that says it provides the mp3-decoder virtual package if
it doesn't have a standard interface to use them.

Current list of packages providing mp3-decoder:

I think it's more useful to have debtags mark those packages that
can decode mp3s.  And guess what, all of them have the tags
sound::player and works-with::audio:mp3, and even alot more
packages have the combination of those 2 tags.

I suggest we remove those virtual packages.


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        Apparently, there are some packages that do provide
 mp3-decoder, and others that use them. If you think that these
 packages are using the provides/recommends incorrectly, or the
 criteria used by them to implement these relationships is incorrect,
 please  file bugs against the packages in question, and start a
 discussion on -devel. I am not going to yank a properly requested
 virtual package out from under packages that are using them.

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