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Bug#361418: [Proposal] new Debian menu structure

Eduard Bloch wrote:

>> Window Managers [was:WindowManagers]
>> Modules [was:WindowManagers/Modules]
> I cannot see the reason for this change. "Modules" can stand for any
> kind of modules (kernel, X11, software components) however this section
> was explicitely preserved for Window manager related modules.

Yes, but they are only shown if you run a VM they belong to. Being a
user of a VM that uses modules, you can be expected to know what they
are. Moreover, they tend to get hidden among other entries in "Window
Managers", if you have a lot of window managers installed.

I consider this an improvement because users that need window manager
modules will find them easier to locate, and users who do not, will
never ever see this section anyway.

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