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Re: about PET about PET (was: Re: wiki fix) Re: Any interest in maintaining libg20-perl ? Re: BoF revisited BoF revisited (was: Debian Perl Group and DebC{amp,Conf}) Re: Bug#702595: O: libcrypt-unixcrypt-perl -- Perl-only implementation of the crypt(3) function Re: Bug#721364: perl: Missing Pre-Depends/Breaks/Conflicts wrt. libscalar-list-utils-perl and the Perl 5.18 transition Bug#731037: ITP: liblist-rotation-cycle-perl -- module that cycles through a list of values via a singleton object implemented as closure. Bug#731042: ITP: libscalar-listify-perl -- module that produces an array(ref)? from a scalar value or array ref Bug#731044: ITP: libarray-group-perl -- module that converts an array into array of arrayrefs of uniform size N Bug#731049: ITP: libmodule-build-xsutil-perl -- Module::Build class for building XS modules Bug#731053: ITP: libdevel-checkcompiler-perl -- Check compiler availability Bug#731183: ITP: libplack-app-proxy-perl -- Plack::App::Proxy - middleware-aware proxy application for Plack Bug#731232: ITP: libplack-middleware-cache-perl -- Plack::Middleware::Cache - Plack middleware that cache responses Bug#731356: ITP: libhtml-tree-perl -- module that works with HTML in a DOM-like tree structure Bug#731376: ITP: libextutils-typemap-perl -- ExtUtils::Typemap - Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files Bug#731379: ITP: libio-socket-portstate-perl -- IO::Socket::PortState - checking the status of a port Bug#731622: ITP: libhtml-linklist-perl -- module that creates a 'smart' list of HTML links Bug#731653: ITP: libhtml-gentoc-perl -- module that generates a Table of Contents for HTML documents Bug#731970: ITP: libtypes-serialiser-perl -- module providing simple data types for common serialisation formats Bug#731972: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-config-git-perl -- Dist::Zilla Git plugin configuration settings module Bug#732161: ITP: libfile-lchown-perl -- module to modify attributes of symlinks without dereferencing them Re: Bug#732191: perl-base: separately packaged XS modules can break system upgrades Bug#732700: ITP: libgit-repository-plugin-log-perl -- Git::Repository plugin adding log items Bug#732810: ITP: libtap-simpleoutput-perl -- simple closure-driven TAP generator Bug#732811: ITP: libtest-moose-more-perl -- collection of tools for testing Moose packages Bug#732820: O: libpdf-fdf-simple-perl -- Perl module to read and write (Acrobat) FDF files Bug#732944: ITP: libemail-sender-transport-smtps-perl -- Perl module for sending mail via SSL/TLS Bug#733089: ITP: gitprep -- Git repository management application Bug#733212: ITP: librunning-commentary-perl -- Perl module to call system() with tracking messages Bug#733219: ITP: libkeyword-simple-perl -- Perl module to define new keywords in pure Perl Bug#733264: ITP: libdata-swap-perl -- Perl module to swap type and contents of variables Bug#733265: ITP: libdata-swap-perl -- Perl module to swap type and contents of variables Bug#733412: ITP: libtest-effects-perl -- Perl module to test various effects at once Bug#733418: ITP: liblexical-failure-perl -- Perl module for user-selectable lexically-scoped failure signaling Bug#733450: ITP: libxmlrpc-lite-perl -- client and server implementation of the XML-RPC protocol in Perl Re: DEP-8/autopkgtest Re: DEP-8/autopktest DEP-8/autopktest (was: BoF revisited) Introduction nacho Joining the Debian perl group Low-hanging fruits meetings: let's get started Nine new orphaned Perl modules Packages which state "same terms as perl itself" in d/copyright, but only refer to the Artistic license Re: [patch] Use a temporary directory as $HOME in the Gtk3 test suite Re: RFP: liblwp-useragent-dns-hosts-perl -- Override LWP HTTP/HTTPS request's host like /etc/hosts TAG: liblwp-useragent-dns-hosts-perl -- Override LWP HTTP/HTTPS request's host like /etc/hosts Re: [...] Uploads of packages which haven't been uploaded for a long time Re: upstream-vcs upstream-vcs (was: Debian Perl Group and DebC{amp,Conf}) wiki fix The last update was on 12:36 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 83 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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