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DEP-8/autopktest (was: BoF revisited)

On Mon, 23 Dec 2013 03:16:05 +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:

> > Post-installation testing
> > -------------------------
> > Supporting DEP-8 (instead or in addition to CPAN post-inst testing)
> > should be easy to implement via mass-commit for basically all our
> > packages.
> > Could run these tests (again) on rev-deps?
> It "should be easy" but AFAICS it hasn't been implemented yet :)
> Anyone interested in this topic?
> (Also: see below re "jenkins".)

> > Ideas for Jenkins jobs?
> > =======================
> > h01ger wanted to run group-specific jenkins jobs. the more the better.
> > possible to rebuild after every push
> > action: XTaran helps integration 
> Anything new?

Yesterday's upload of autopkgtest (2.5.5) has the following
improvement, which should make it quite easy (yes, really :)) for us:

|  * Add support for virtual "@builddeps@" test dependency, which will be
|    replaced with the package's B-D and B-D-I. Document in
|    doc/README.package-tests. (Closes: #720458)

In my very basic understanding this should mean (I'm still not really
familiar with running the tests):


# add to debian/control in source paragraph:

XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest

# add file debian/tests/control:

Tests: regression
Depends: @builddeps@

# add file debian/tests/regression:


prove --verbose t/*.t


'regression' is just arbitralily chosen, can be anything (better).

And debian/tests/regression can probably be improved for other cases
(test.pl) or whatnot and needs some checks etc.

But something along these lines should be doable ...


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