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Re: upstream-vcs

gregor herrmann wrote (24 Dec 2013 21:16:42 GMT) :
> I've now pushed a first draft of dpt-import-orig to the
> pkg-perl-tools git repo, based on this idea.

I've just pushed a few minor fixes on top of it. My quick testing
didn't show anything broken by my changes, but I can very well have
missed something.

Also, having the "git remote add" functionality in the import-orig
script looks like a bit loose separation of concerns to me. E.g.
I could want to offer my existing local repos the new remote, without
pretending I am importing a new upstream release.

I'm not volunteering to do it, but how about moving into a dedicated
script the code that's about adding the upstream-repo remote if
available (lines 14 to 40), and calling it from import-repo?

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